Equine Therapy

A Stable Life

Horses can heal the troubled soul

Although horses are large animals, they are very vulnerable. As prey animals, horses are hyper vigilant, constantly alert for potential danger. This is why Equine Therapy tends to resonate with people who have experienced trauma in their lives.

Our on-the-ground therapy embraces the connection between troubled humans and these highly sensitive animals. Those who have experienced substance abuse, for example, may gradually develop a trust relationship that can change their lives forever.

    On Equal Footing

    Some clients don’t even touch the horse, at least for a session or two, because of extreme fear or anxiety. Some interact with horses over the fence.


    Latest Evidence

    Expert research and in-depth stories of successful Equine Therapy & Sober Living

    What We Learn From Horses

    From coping with feelings & setting boundaries, to overcoming fears & learning to trust

    There is something profound that draws humans to horses. Its a way to experience change hands-on, challenging us to look at ourselves and the world in a new way. If you know someone who is struggling to make progress, or is not achieving their treatment goals, expose them to the possibility of a significant breakthrough by contacting Stable Environment today.

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